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Recorded Album Tracks

Nik Kershaw – Video for the Album Track “Somebody Lowes You”

Nik Kershaw – Video for the Album Track “Wounded”

George Michael & Mary J Blige – Video for the Album Track “As”
(this video is not available in all countries/areas – this version is
an alternative –
George Michael & Mary J Blige – “As”)

New YouTube Videos

Look-Back at 2009

The London ITV1 “Celebrity Audience with Donnie & Marie” – Recorded in August 2009
I played Festivals with Nik Kershaw in Germany, Scotland and Oxfordshire.

George Michael

George Michael – Long & Winding Road Live

Nik Kershaw

Nik Kershaw – Somebody Loves You

Nik Kershaw – Bogart – Live

Nik Kershaw – The Riddle

Nik Kershaw – Human Racing

Nik Kershaw – Oh you beautiful thing

Nik Kershaw – Radio Musicola

Nik Kershaw – The One and Only – Live in Esbjerg

Nik Kershaw – Oxygen Live

I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
(10.07.09 Eckernförde)

The Riddle
(10.07.09 Eckernförde)

Chris Norman

Chris Norman – Lay back in the Arms of Someone

Chris Norman – Without your Love – Live in Vienna

Chris Norman – Too Much & Not Enough

Chris Norman – Beatles Cover “If I fell”

Chris Norman – As good as it gets

Chris Norman – Rock & Roll – Live in Vienna

Live Performances

Tower of Power – What is Hip?

Adam Winslet Band – Play that Funky Music